Amanda Pullinger

Regional Coordinator – North America

Amanda is a prominent supporter of women in the finance industry and holds prestigious positions in several charities. She chairs Conservatives Abroad New York.

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Heather Harper MBE


Heather is Chairman of Conservatives Abroad and an Associate Treasurer of the Party. She also serves as Hon. Vice President of the Beaconsfield Constituency Conservative Association,, Member of Conservative Alumni, President of Ivers and Wexham Conservatives and was the founding Chairman of Gulf

Colin Blackwell

Deputy Chairman &
Regional Coordinator – Asia Pacific

Colin has been involved with Conservatives Abroad since 1991 and is a former Chairman of both Conservatives Abroad Hong Kong and Conservatives Abroad Singapore.

Peter Michelmore OBE

Deputy Chairman &
Regional Coordinator – Gulf & Middle East

Peter has long experience of working in the Gulf and was awarded an OBE for his contribution to business and society in the region. He is a former Chairman of Conservatives Abroad Abu Dhabi.

Christopher Chantrey OBE

Political Advisor

Christopher is past Chairman of British Conservatives in Paris (BCIP) and has been a long term advocate of expanding overseas voting rights.

Tristan Feunteun

Political Advisor

Tristan is past Chairman of Netherlands Conservatives Abroad.

Paul Barnes

Campaign Director

Paul encourages and facilitates Conservative expats to vote and acts as Occitanie - Languedoc-Roussillon Representative in the South of France for Conservatives Abroad.

Richard Lewington

Digital Adviser

Richard is Chairman of Conservatives Abroad Madrid and oversees digital campaigns and social media for Conservatives Abroad.

Simon Glass

Regional Coordinator – Australasia

Simon is a former Chairman of Conservatives Abroad Perth. He is a leading venture capitalist and entrepreneur and has lived in Australia and the USA.

Bashir Bernard Siman OBE

Regional Coordinator - Benelux

Bashir is a former Chairman of Conservatives Abroad Abu Dhabi and is an international businessman working in the low countries.

Rafael Pittman

Regional Coordinator - France

Rafael is a long term activist of British Conservatives in Paris (BCIP). He is an international trade consultant and business school lecturer and has created memorabilia of Larry the Downing Street cat.