Proxy Voting

If you have been living abroad for 15 years or less you can vote in this vital 2019 General Election. 

Every vote counts in this election. We need a good Conservative majority to get Brexit done and move on to tackling important issues at home and abroad.


Register to vote.

First you need to register at your last UK address. It’s really easy and just takes a few minutes.

Click here to get registered

Register straight away so that you beat the registration deadlines:

New Voter registration: Tuesday 26 November by midnight

New postal vote applications: Tuesday 26 November at 17:00

New Proxy vote applications: Wednesday 4 December at 17:00



Postal votes are too slow. It is best to get a proxy vote, then someone can vote for you in the UK.

Apply for a proxy vote when you register.

Find your Electoral Registration office 

If you need help finding a local proxy voter complete the form below or email us



Proxy voting

Are you registered to vote in the forthcoming General Election?