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Resistration Form

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Postal Form

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Proxy Form

Have you registered to vote?

If you don't, then you won't have a voice in elections.

Register on line here or by post here.

Where are you

Register to vote

An estimated 3.5 million Britons living overseas are eligible to vote in British General and European Elections, including:

- Citizens who have been on a UK electoral register within the last 15 years

- Citizens who were under the age of 18 years when they left the UK, provided they didn't leave the country more than 15 years ago.

If you belong to either of these groups, make sure you register. The final date to register for the next elections is 6th May 2014.

Some things are worth voting for.


How to Register to Vote


STOP PRESS - You can now register online - click here to register now

or copy and paste to your URL

Following years of campaigning by Conservatives Abroad and other groups, you can now register online.

It's really easy to do - but you will need your passport and National Insurance number


If you would rather not register online, then follow the instructions below.

You can register to vote by downloading your application form from

You will first of all need to enter the postcode of your local authority in the UK.  This will then tell you where to send your form.

Click here to download your Registration Form

You need to sign and date the declaration and get another British citizen living overseas, but not a close relative, to sign the witness declaration.

How to Vote

You can vote in one of three ways -

- By post - if you want your ballot paper sent to you

- By proxy - if you want someone else to vote on your behalf

- In person - at your local polling station if you are in the UK on the day of the election