Conservatives Abroad was established more than 20 years ago as a network of Conservative supporters all around the world. If you live abroad, we are here to keep you in touch, give you information about your right to vote in the UK and to help return a Conservative majority in 2015.

Conservatives Abroad has a vast network of representatives and branches in countries all over the world. Wherever you live, if you're interested in helping to deliver a Conservative Government in 2015, please get in touch.

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An estimated 3.5 million Britons living overseas are eligible to vote in British General and European Elections, including:

- Citizens who have been on a UK electoral register within the last 15 years

- Citizens who were under the age of 18 years when they left the UK, provided

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Millions of Britons live abroad for lots of different reasons - either with family or work, or to retire. We need your help to let them know how to vote if they are eligible.

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Reception at the St Stephen's Club London - Des Sherriff, Chairman of the Emporda Branch and Judy with Allan Stewart, Luxembourg and Evita

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaUsamah Farah, Paris and Julie Knapp

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaCaroline Abel Smith, Chairman Conservatives Abroad with  Christine Niblett (Mallorca) and Sally Ridley-Day, France

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaDes and Judy Sherriff, L'Emporda Branch

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaDorothy Poms, Switzerland with Pamela Steele, Javea, Spain

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaJames Dancer, Switzerland, Jackie Lee MP with Stlla Mieun Park and Douglas Hansen-Luke, Gulf Tories

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaDhara Anjaria, Mumbai, India 

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaGay Niblett, Chairman Mallorca Branch

Photo by Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaAllan Stewart, Luxembourg with Evita and Judy Sherriff

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaGay Niblett talking with Caroline Abel Smith

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaAlan de St-John-Pryce, Paris with Mark Harper MP, the Guest Speaker

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons MediaHui Pittman, Paris/London with Robin Baker, Paris

Photo By Andrew Parsons/Parsons Media