Tristan Feunteun

Political Advisor

Tristan is past Chairman of Netherlands Conservatives Abroad.

See Also

Heather Harper MBE


Heather is Chairman of Conservatives Abroad, and holds numerous senior positions within the Party.

Colin Blackwell

Regional Co-ordinator – Asia Pacific

Colin has been involved with Conservatives in Asia since 1991.

Leandro Busto

Regional Co-ordinator – Spain & Portugal

Leandro is a prominent campaigner for more rights for expats to participate in UK politics.

Simon Glass

Regional Co-ordinator – Australia

Simon has been interested in politics from a young age. He is also a leading venture capitalist and entrepreneur.

Peter Michelmore OBE

Regional Co-ordinator – Gulf & Middle East

Peter has long experience of working in the Gulf and was awarded an OBE for his contribution to business and society in the region.

Amanda Pullinger

Regional Co-ordinator – USA & Canada

Amanda is a prominent supporter of women in the finance industry and holds prestigious positions in several charities.

Christopher Chantrey OBE

Political Advisor

Christopher Chantrey OBE is past Chairman of British Conservatives in Paris (BCIP).

Paul Barnes

Campaign Advisor

Paul encourages and facilitates Conservative expats to vote.