Votes for Life for British citizens living overseas announced by the UK Government

For many years, Conservatives Abroad have led the campaign to give back to expats their democratic right to vote in UK elections. Following the Conservatives' 2015 manifesto commitment to extend the franchise to all British citizens living overseas, the government today announced detailed plans on how Votes for Life will operate.

Currently only Britons who have been overseas for less than 15 years can vote in UK general elections. Conservatives Abroad Chairman Heather Harper said "As Britain works to create a new position for itself post-EU, the 5.6 million Britons living and working all around the globe have a key role to play as unofficial ambassadors for our country."

On announcing the plans Minister for the Constitution Chris Skidmore said  "Overseas electors contribute to British society and they should be given the right to vote".

The government is currently consulting on the policy statement, with comments to be sent to


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