VE Day Memories - Harry Shindler MBE

Our Chairman, Heather Harper MBE spoke to our friend Harry Shindler MBE today, a WWII veteran, to ask him where he was on VE day 75 years ago and of his memories. Harry was in Trieste having gone out to serve as a young man with the Fusilier’s and then joined a technicians regiment that became the REME, attached to the Sherwood Foresters.

He added that such was the desire to come home that some lads in the RAF literally ‘borrowed’ planes to come home early!

In November via Austria to Aldershot, he was demobbed and added that on the boat from Calais to England they were like children on an outing before Christmas – so happy to be going home.

Harry will be 99 years young in July, and campaigns together with Heather (and Sir Roger Gale MP photographed here) for Expat Voting rights and is one of the most inspirational people she has met, holding him in the highest esteem and being truly honoured to be in his army of friends. He is currently at his home in Italy working on his second book and we all look forward to the next time “We’ll meet again”.