James Stewart visits Hong Kong

The Fight To Keep THE UNION Goes Abroad!

The battle over Scottish Independence transcends political boundaries and geographical constraints; it affects all Scots worldwide.

James Stewart, the Treasurer of the Scottish Conservatives, spoke passionately on Monday night to update ex-pats in Hong Kong on the latest news from the battle to win the upcoming referendum on Scottish Independence.

The Chairman, Conservatives Abroad Hong Kong, Sam Olsen, who organised and hosted the event, summarised the evening: “James was excellent last night and the feedback has been good.”

Some of the highlights of the talk were:

· Support for Scottish independence continues to fall. 16 and 17 year-olds were perhaps anticipated to be more supportive of succession but this appears not to be the case,

· ‘Conservative Friends of the Union’ has attracted over 50,000 members since its recent launch.

· SNP are in disarray over their position in the EU. Read more here.

· The detailed defence Budget and expenditure plans and assumptions still awaited.

For more information about the Friends of the Union Campaign please visithttp://conservativefriendsoftheunion.com/

To find out more about Conservatives Abroad, worldwide, please visithttp://www.conservativesabroad.org/

Information for Editors

James Stewart can be contacted via http://www.scottishconservatives.com/

Sam Olsen can be contacted via hongkongconservatives@gmail.com

Parallel groups fighting to keep the Union intact include the cross-party campaign Better Together, which promotes the view held by millions of Scots: that Scotland is a better and stronger country as part of the United Kingdom. They are made up of people from all parties and none:http://bettertogether.net